Lead Dentist – Philadelphia, PA

Get to Know Dr. Aloian

Philadelphia dentist Karina K Aloian D M D

Dr. Aloian is proud to be a member of the Dentex Dental of Philadelphia team! As one of our dedicated general dentists, she always looks forward to helping patients smile again with confidence, even after facing damage, cosmetic issues, or chronic pain. You can trust her to always go the extra mile to make your experience amazing. Interested in learning more about her? Just keep reading below.

Why Did You Want to Become a Dentist?

Doctor Aloian treating dental patient

Dr. Aloian actually comes from a family of dentists, and this field has been a passion of hers for a long time. She’s always enjoyed figuring out challenging puzzles and working directly with her hands. For her, one of the most fun parts of this line of work is that it isn’t always straightforward. It actually requires you to think outside of the box and approach problems in creative ways.

Every day, Dr. Aloian realizes anew how interesting and pleasurable it is to work with such unique patients. Her greatest satisfaction is being able to create genuine happiness for them and see them smile!

Where Did You Study Dentistry?

Students studying together at a table

Dr. Aloian completed her Doctor of Dental Medicine at Midwestern University – Glendale. She has also advanced training in Invisalign® Clear Braces and laser dentistry. Today, she is a current member of the American Dental Association, the Pennsylvania Dental Association, the Academy of General Dentistry, and Spear Education.

Outside of the Dental Office, What Do You Like to Do?

In her spare time, Dr. Aloian enjoys traveling to many different parts of the United States and Europe. During these trips, she’s visited numerous national monuments. She’s also always up for a challenging hike! She really loves the sense of gratification you get when you finally reach the top.